Communication is a vital cog for any security mechanism to be effective. To create a smooth and efficient information flow, we have the following mechanism

National account manager, Regional account manager, respective business leaders, Operation Managers, field inspectors & field supervisors are equipped with mobile phones and are available 24x7 in case of any assistance or emergency. Mobile phone or Walkie-talkie can also be provided to the shift incharge (at additional costs) in case required.

Induction Training

   *   About DISHNET WIRELESS LTD. Regulations, system traditions.
   *   DISHNET WIRELESS LTD. Needs and Expectations.
   *   Code of Conduct-Behavioral Training.
   *   Smartness and wearing of uniform.
   *   Searches & Vigilance.
   *   Site and Post Instructions.
   *   Investigations and Report writings.
   *   Emergency Handling, Fire Fighting, First aid.
   *   Quick Reaction Teams.

Monthly Training

   *   DISHNET WIRELESS LTD. Needs, Expectations- variation in services provides and expected.
   *   Code of Conduct, Behavioral Training- violations of code of conduct.
   *   Smartness and wearing of uniforms-violations of requirements.
   *   Site and post instructions-additions and variations.
   *   Vigilance-functional aspects and case studies.
   *   Investigations and Report writings.
   *   Emergency handling-analysis of past situations.
   *   Quick Reaction Teams-analysis of past situations.
   *   Fire Fighting-mock drills.
   *   First aid-mock drills.
   *   Methods of Instruction-Routine inputs by Project leaders.
   *   Penalties for Non Performance-Analysis of non performances.
   *   Reinforcement of site and post instructions.

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