Surveillance & Intelligence

Our qualified investigators, with decades of operational experience, can handle most difficult assignments with excellent results. We undertake assignments involving copyrights, trademarks, spurious and counterfeit products, insurance claims, background checks and counterfeit products and such like issues. The emphasis is on integrity accuracy and confidentiality.

  Consultancy Services

Our security concepts are designed to address the changing threat patterns, present day structures of commercial business and industrial complexes, and greater awareness levels of our rapidly modernizing society. The magnitude of risks involved, which could paralyze a construction or even throw a company out of business, calls for installation of adequate security systems & their care and high awareness level of the people at work place.

  Security operation

Vast fields, difficult working conditions of weather, climate and other vagaries of nature demand highly motivated security personnel to perform in the areas such as mines hydal projects and other large scale business ventures. Our training and conditioning process and motivational approach prepares the guard force for excellence in performance under such environments.


Our Portfolio